It’s been two years in development, including some terrible terms from the reduced factors, yet an unbelievable group pulled it out to produce 1st release of

Duckling online dating

. Register & in case you are a member you are approved to set up a profile & navigate this site. Allow party begin! We are going to have a 30 moment “how to navigate the new dating site” by Zoom this Monday, January 19th at 6:30 pm for half-hour.

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What exactly is different about Duck dating you might ask?

Initial it limited to compensated Duckling members just. Meaning for

less than a tank of gasoline yearly

($50/year) you receive an online dating account, accessibility all of our

4 & 5 duck events

, the top

Dropbox of gender publications & erotica

,  doll testing access, &

COMPLIMENTARY sex- ed with movies

such as prostate massage therapy, dominatrix training & more. Together with getting a portion of the kindest, most incredible neighborhood anyplace. Many internet dating sites are over $500/year by yourself.

With merely Ducks permitted, our brand-new dating site is actually personal, vetted, local, with similar individuals. It’s about authenticity. Fun questions regarding your interests, dreams, & what exactly is fun in regards to you -and less about invasive concerns.  Additionally, it is available for every types of commitment models & duck colours so you need not match a package. Poly, perverted, standard, bi, lovers, swingers. hot spouses, unicorns etc. all have a spot in Duck dating.

Once Covid is over you’ll be able to to mix our very own amazing online dating service with in-person activities. This will be an alternative way of connecting both using the internet & traditional.